Friday, March 22, 2013


Life as an account executive in an advertising agency.

Been in the workforce for merely 4 months and 8 days, if you ask me how's working life so far, i'll probably mumble "okay know.." and then try moving on to another topic. or just awkward silence for seconds.

oh, by the way, i'm an account executive (or what they refer as the 'suits') in one of the largest global advertising agency networks, based in Kuala Lumpur.

don't be fooled by that, my job is nothing as great as it sounds nor as highly paid. HAHA T.T

truth is, i don't know where my life is heading at the moment.
can't say i am not enjoying my work, but i don't get excited waking up to work every morning either.

been having people asking me to leave the company;
to switch to digital instead of the doing conventional media;
to jump over to clients' side.

honestly speaking, i am tempted. and i can assure you it's not about the wages, i don't even know the offers from the others anyway. the main reason i am tempted to leave my current job is because i am kind of agreed with all the advices i collected from trustworthy people in the industry.

1. Conventional advertising is shrinking
2. Digital is the future, or big part of the future at least
3. It's easier for me to advance in Digital
4. ...
5. Guess i'll update the list when i gather more from everywhere

Maybe from now on, this dead blog of mine will be my ranting corner.
and because i think close to no one is visiting this blog anymore.

Those who cared enough, MIGHT just click on my blog someday. or maybe stalkers, yeah stalkers, if there's any at all.

God, please give me some much needed signs, guidance or some little hints, i don't want to stuck in this dilemma.

It's Friday today, go all monkey tonight fellow humans!

till then.


Sanze said...

Haha. I used be account executive for 1 year. Slowly, you will used to working life. +U.

WiL O. said...

hey thanks!
didn't know there's still someone reading this! =)

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